Thursday, June 9, 2011

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Teapot Mosaic

I finished another mosaic today.  I make this for Katrina.  She has been using a kitchen towel to set her teapot on when she has tea at her desk.  I found a wood cutout in the shape of a teapot at the local craft store and decided to make this for her.

Teapot - mosaic made from Tiffany Glass. 
Teapot - mosaic made from Tiffany Glass.  

Friday, May 6, 2011

Fira Mosaic

I spotted this beautiful mosaic in the town of Fira, on the island of Santorini Greece.  

Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Mosaic Project

I spent much of Sunday working on my newest mosaic project.  With some color assistance from Katrina, its turning out to be a pretty cool mosaic.

My essentials for working on a mosaic - drink (today it was Coca Cola, and remote control - I watched three movies and 5 episodes of Friends).  Yes, thats a lot of television, but I'm not mindlessly watching - I'm mosaicing!

Now that I see it, the picture does not do it justice.  I will do my best to take a better picture when I complete it...or I'll have Katrina take the picture.  

Friday, April 15, 2011

Red Swirl Mirror

I finished another mosaic today.  This is another one that I have been working on for awhile - work on it, put it away, work on it, put it away, finally finish it.

I used black and red Tiffany mosaic glass with black grout on a simple IKEA mirror frame.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with it.  It's a nice little mirror.  Katrina think I should have used a lighter grout (I used black), but I think it would have looked to fractured.  I did learn one thing from this project, that I should have 'keystoned' the red swirls.  This means I should have cut them at angles to make the curves fit together like an arch.  Oh well, each project is a learning experience.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Go Broncos!

I just completed mosaic #3 - Denver Broncos.  I started this project around Christmas time.  I worked on it, set it aside, worked on it, and set it aside.  Finally, this past week I completed the project and painted the frame.

I started the project by working on the Bronco, since it is the main focal point.  Once this was done, I started work on the background and Bronco's orange mane.  

The letters proved to be the biggest difficulty for me.  It took a lot of practice to get the glass pieces cut properly.  You can read it, thats what counts!

Once again, I used Tiffany mosaic glass, as thats about the only thing I can get around here.  

I really like how the Bronco logo turned out.  I also like the colors, especially the deep blue.  When I grouted this project, I made a huge mistake.  I used white grout.  This really blended the white together, but gave all the blue background a 'fractured' look.  Only afterwards, when I was desperate to fix it, did I read some basic rules for grout colors in one of my books.  I decided to experiment and see if I could mix a batch of grey grout and overlay it on the white.  It worked.  Now the Bronco looks a little fractured, but I like the look, and the background is not detracting from the Bronco as a focal point.

Go Broncos!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

First Star

I completed my second mosaic today.  It's been an off and on project since October.  I completed the glass work way back in November, but I never sealed or painted the edges or backside.  I did that this week.

I used Tiffany mosaic glass and a self basic design for this 'First Star'.  
50cm diameter 

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ravenna Italy

We woke up to a beautiful sunny day in Ravenna. We are staying two nights at the Ostello Galletti Abbiosi.  After a nice breakfast in the hotel, we headed out into the old city.

Ravenna is a busy modern city that is slowly discovering its past. Since WWII it has begun to redisover its vast art treasures and the incomparable mosaics which have made it famous all over the world.

Our first stop was Sant Apollinare Nuovo.  The basilica was built in the late 5th or early 6th century by Theodoric as a church for Arian worship dedicated to Christ the Redeemer.

The bell tower was built in the 9th or 10th century and is 38 meters high.  

Mosaic scenes describing the life of Christ adorn the walls and ceiling of the basilica.

Brandon keeps himself occupied with his new Nintendo DSi.  Actually, it wasn't just games keeping him occupied.  He spend much of his time using the camera feature to take his own pictures.  

Mosaics are everywhere in Ravenna, even over doorsteps of citizens homes.  

Mosaics have also been incorporated into the street signs of Ravenna.

The next stop on our tour of Ravenna mosaics was the Museo Arcivescovile.  The museo houses a small collection of relics.  We visited only for a few minutes before moving on.  

The Duomo, completed in 1743.  

Located next to the Duomo is the Neonian Baptistery.  This circular building was built in the 4th or 5th centuries.  It is a simple, octagonal brick building with four large niches.  The mosaics inside the Baptistery were completed in the mid 5th century.  

I love the simple detail work and patterns

Ceiling of the Baptistery

The details are amazing for such simple artwork

Bell tower of the Duomo

From the Baptistery, we headed across the old town to see the Basilica Di San Vitale and the Mausoleo di Galla Placidia.  

Along the way we passed a parking area named after a famous American president.  We also stopped at a chocolate shop to buy some tasty chocolate eggs.  

Mosaic sign outside one of many studios in Ravenna

Mosaic in a shop window.

Just down the street we stopped inside a mosaic studio to see one of the artists at work.  These are two of his pieces:

Shiny glass tub basin

Roman inspired design

This cool car was sitting outside the Basilica.  I don't know what it is?

This was spray painted in many places around town.  Apparently there is controversy about the zoo or a potential zoo?

The Basilica di San Vitale, completed in 548 by Bishop Maximian.  This basilica boasts a very strong eastern influence.  

Above the alter


Floor mosaics

The dome (16 mt in diameter) were frescoed in 1780 by the Bolognese artists Barozzi and Gandolfi and by Venetian painter Guarana.

More floor mosaics

Mosaic above the alter

And more mosaic floor patterns

Located behind the basilica is Galla Placidia's Mausoleum.  It is the oldest of its kind left intact and was built in the 5th century.  The exterior of the building is a very simple brick design.  The interior is quite the opposite of the exterior.  It is lavish and elaborately decorated with mosaics.  

Ceiling mosaics in the mausoleum

We were hungry for lunch at this point, so we found a nice trattoria just outside the basilica and enjoyed some pasta dishes.  

Another mosaic street sign

And some mosaic accented planters.  

We wanted to visit one last church, San Apollinare in Classe.  It is located about 5km out of town, so we had to pickup our car at the hotel to drive there.  It was built in 549.  

Impressive mosaic work above the alter.  

Katrina was tired, so she and Brandon went back to the room for a nap.  I wandered back to a mosaic shop we had spotted earlier in the day - annafietta mosaico contemporaneo .  The shop was overwhelming with pieces of art, mirrors, frames and a whole room of supplies.  I realized that I must have a project in mind before I can shop for materials.  

Monday, March 14, 2011

Villa Romana del Tellora, Sicily

On our last full day in Sicily, we were exploring the back roads of the southeast area when we spotted signs for Villa Romana del Tellora.  We decided to follow the signs and check it out.  

This is a low-key collection of Roman ruins, located on some back farm roads nestled among citrus orchards.  It was a pleasant surprise.  Not much of the villa remains, but many of the mosaics are still intact.  

These two mosaics above are not original Romans mosaics.  These two were completed by students of the mosaic school.  The Villa offers courses in mosaicing.  I wish I had know this a year ago.  I would have loved to taken one of the 4 days courses.  

Two more mosaics from another section of the villa